Big game

Dolphins: during the 2017 summer holiday we were out with the kayaks in Loch Pooltiel when this pot entered the loch and passed ahead of us. Amazing experience.

White tailed eagle: there are several locations on Skye to see the eagle. Guests from Pooltiel House however can see them straight from the house coming from, or going to, Dunvegan Head across the water. This one was shot from the garden in early spring.

Deer: just showing up in the garden of Pooltiel House! He looks kind of cool against the backdrop of the loch and Dunvegan Head.


Basking shark: shot taken at Neist Point. Impressive animal! After we finished our tour and were walking back the shark returned and cruised along with us, following the rocky coastline. We pointed the camera down from the cliff and took some great shots.

Minke whale: shot taken from the cliffs at Neist Point with several whales coming very close to the shore.

Orca (killer whale): shot taken on May 21st, 2019. Famous orca John Coe in The Minch, after being spotted in the mouth of Loch Pooltiel. 

Skye is a great Scottish island. To give you an idea of the nature and wildlife just take a look at these pictures we took during our visits over the last few years on, or in the proximity of, the site on which Pooltiel House was built. 

Some of the pictures are on Flickr. Just click on the tumbnails on the left. There are Orcas (killer Whales), deer, whales, dolphins, a basking shark and diving gannets.

Some special pictures are on the right. It was spectacular to spot two Orcas (Killer Whales) in May 2019 from the kitchen of Pooltiel House and follow their journey through The Minch.

For more pictures of the cottage, and how it was built, you can click the "Property photos" tab on the top of the site or go here